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[Dentis Implant] Guide Wheel - Surgical Guide Tool

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[Dentis Implant] Guide Wheel - Surgical Guide Tool

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 Brand Name

Dentis Implant


Product Description


The Most Ideal Synthetic Bone Graft Material for Perfect New Bone Regeneration and Long-term Volume Stability The Most Ideal
Synthetic Bone Graft Material


[Dentis Implant] Guide wheel - The easiest solution can find the position & direction of implant



Visible treatment : Secured visibility by transparent material


High frequency of use :  From Single to multiple cases


Easy to use :  Use immediately after connecting exclusive drill


Reduced chair time :  Predictable placement reduced operation time by comparing adjacent tooth


High frequency of use :  From Single to multiple cases


Easy to use :  Use immediately after connecting exclusive drill




Guide wheel - The easiest and most economical solution can improve surgical techniques


Simple surgical guide tool can check initial drilling point and path


Disposable operation tools help to decide the path and initial drilling point to secure the safety margin by imaging the shape and size of superstructure


Simplify the superstructure making process with predictable shape of prosthetics by comparing adjacent tooth 


Easy to find a place of fixture covered with the gum tissue, in case of the Second operation.




Excellence of DENTIS Implant


First, Dentis Implant has won Jang Young Sil Award

Implant “HAPTITE” developed from HA coating technology has won 24th week IR52 Jang Young Sil Award in 2011.
Jang Young Sil Award is South Korea’s most prestigious industrial technology award since 1991, co-sanctioned by Korea Industrial Technology Association and Maeil Business Newspaper and sponsored by Ministry of Education, Science

Second, world-famous implant used in about 30 countries over the world




Third, Clean Implant, DENTIS Implant Clean System



  • Systemic automatized equipment and cutting-edge washing system of Dentis Co., Ltd is a model business example.
  • All Dentis Implant is sterilized 100% with Green Pia technology.
  • Cutting-edge cleaning system of Dentis Implant did not produce organic materials on the surface of manufactured implants.
  • Dentis Implant has proven to be non-toxic in cytotoxicity experiments.


Fourth, Reliable implant that has been acknowledge for its outstanding technology and quality

  • Certificates


  • Awards



Fifth, Implant that continues to make efforts in technological developments

Dentis Co., Ltd. continues to make efforts in technological developments through MOU with RIST, research institute specialized in commercialization established by POSCO in 1987 for the purpose of strengthening national technological powers.




Company Information



Dentis Co., Ltd. is a model medical company that develops medical Operating LED and provides medical professional equipments and services based on excellent technology starting from dental implants in 2005.

Dentis has received IR52 Jang Young Sil Award and Certifications from the Minister of Knowledge Economy in recognition for its relentless investments in R&D and innovative achievements of research in diverse areas of medicine. In 2013, Dentis is participating as the subject of national project for the development of transplantable medical devices by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy based on its biotechnology.

Not only is Dentis establishing its position in South Korea but also in the global market through international sales, it is also entering a fair competition with the global companies through relentless challenges.


  Price Condition

FOB   Busan, Incheon

  Delivery lead time

15 days

  Minimum order

50 Pieces

  Supply ability

10000 Sets per Month

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