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[Dentis] ZENITH Dental 3D Printer

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[Dentis] ZENITH Dental 3D Printer

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 Brand Name


Product Description


ZENITH 3D Printing System





Speed up & raise accuracy


Fast print time allows you to accelerate your process with greater production capacity and faster turnaround. Takes Only 2 hours to print 5 pieces of full-arch models with high precision and excellent accuracy.


Convenient operation

ZENITH features a convenient one-touch operation system with an exclusive software which is very easy to operate.

Maximize cost savings

The high-tech of digital dentistry you need include exclusive material at a reasonable price.

Deep understanding about dentistry

DENTIS performed a dental implant business for 10 years and developed the First 3D Printer as a dental Implant company which is specialized in a field of dentistry

Wide range of application

You can apply the output of ZENITH in various range, such as surgical guide, clear


ZENITH Practical Digital Solution for Guided Surgery

Complete an simple and convenient guided surgery with Simple Guide & ZENITH 3D Printer

Simple solution

Simple guide system is being conducted with only 11 surgical tools matching and drilling simply.

Convenient solution

Simple guide system applies the Open-Sleeve showing enhanced convenience and allowing water-irrigation to prevent over-heating

Universal solution

With ZENITH 3D Printer, Simple guide system can be used with every own implant systems and also provides a higher economic value than the other guided surgery kits. (All implant systems, Flap or flapless surgery)


ZENITH Practical Digital Solution for Dental Model, Surgical Guide, Wax-up, Clear Aligner.

Overcome the limited manual skills of dental technique by ZENITH 3D Printer.

Ultrafast speed

You can complete a dental model, surgical guide, wax-up and clear aligner in a very short period of time by ZENITH 3D Printer

Excellent quality

Dental model, surgical guide, wax-up and clear aligner is made accurately with the excellent precision by ZENITH 3D Printer.

Reasonable cost

Reasonable price of exclusive material (Acrylate Photopolymer Resin) and ZENITH 3D Printer to maximize your cost savings.


ZENITH® Dimentions(xyz) 350X355X490mm
Weight 14Kg
Operating Temperature and Humidity 22-25℃, 60%
Power Requirement 100-220 VAC, 50/60Hz
Technology SLA(Stereolithography Apparatus)
Build Volume(xyz) 125X125X160mm
Resolution(xy) 16 micron
Material Acryate Photopolymer Resin
Scanning method Galvanometer
Light source Blue laser
Production speed Approx. 2 hours for 5 pieces of full-arch model
Range of application Dental model, Surgical guide, Wax-up, Clear aligner, etc.
Software ZENITH®
OS Window XP, 7, 8
File input Standard STL file
PC Interface USB







Company Information




Dentis Co., Ltd. is a model medical company that develops medical LED and provides medical professional equipments and services based on excellent technology starting from dental implants in 2005.

Dentis has received IR52 Jang Young Sil Award and Certifications from the Minister of Knowledge Economy in recognition for its relentless investments in R&D and innovative achievements of research in diverse areas of medicine. In 2013, Dentis is participating as the subject of national project for the development of transplantable medical devices by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy based on its biotechnology.

Not only is Dentis establishing its position in South Korea but also in the global market through international sales, it is also entering a fair competition with the global companies through relentless challenges.


  Delivery lead time

15 days

  Minimum order

1 Set

  Supply ability

100 Sets per Month

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